Update to fix the default levels being hard to find

There's a new "Open Default..." menu command in LaserTank used for opening the default levels. Also, the main executable now serves as a launcher, letting you choose which game you want to play.


lasertank-bundle-osx-windows-linux-stable.zip 12 MB
Version 16.0.1 Aug 09, 2017

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Couple of bugs in the original:

Wormholes are 1 use

sometimes the tank will leave a ghost image

some of the levels are impossible(?)

Regarding wormholes: They will only work if they're not "full" (something's sitting on the other end). Also, if you just warped via one, you have to move off it and back on to get warped again. The other two issues are definitely bugs. I'll look into them.

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I've tried moving off of them then going back and there isn't something blocking the other end. The wormhole tutorial levels can't be beat.