A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Bundle contents:

LaserTank is a continuation of the original Windows game, with various additions; LaserTank Remix is a fork in the road: It foregoes support for the formats LaserTank supports, but in exchange gains features "regular" LaserTank does not have, like time travel.

Each game comes with its own documentation. There are various files to try in the Common folder. Note that LTRemix cannot load these files.

Install instructions

Both games in the bundle are distributed as generic JAR files, and should work on any OS with a suitable Java runtime.

Both games are written with Java SE 8. If you need that, get it here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/index.html


lasertank-bundle-osx-windows-linux-stable.zip 12 MB
Version 16.1.0-beta Aug 10, 2017

Development log


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Great work.Keep doing.

I'm the English-Chinese translator if you still remember me.

Thanks. Yes, how could I forget? I'm working on updating all my games - I will be updating this one too!

Are there preset levels to play? I couldn't find any. It would help to introduce someone new to the lasertank games.

There are but their default location (inside the itch apps folder) makes them a little hard to find. Fortunately I have a solution in mind for solving this problem. I will make an update to address it.


Thank you for reporting! This is now fixed - LaserTank now has an "Open Default..." menu item for this very purpose.